Mavilor - motors
Mavilor - motors
Mavilor - motors
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  Mavilor - motors

DC Servo motors
MSS Series

• Ratings to 6,000 RPM.
• Compact Length.
• Zero Cogging.
• Acceleration Torques to 10 x Rated.

MAVILOR's axial air gap dish armature is specially suited for high response servo drives. High and smooth torque to inertia ratio, non cogging torque low speed velocity control makes MAVILOR the motor of choice for the most exacting applications.

The MAVILOR MSS Series servomotors provide a 20% increase in power to weight and volume ratios and a 20% increase in power rate and acceleration capability over previous designs.

Incorporating an ironless rotor design, these industrial strength motors have an extremely long brush life and high efficiency.

MAVILOR MSS Series motors incorporate options of tachometers and fail-safe holding brakes within the motor structure, and in many cases are half the length of equivalently rated conventional motors.

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Mavilor - motors
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