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Since it’s establishment in 1973, Mavilor Motors S.A. has been associated with creativity, innovation and tenacity.

Only in this way it has been possible to offer our clients the most complete range of servomotors during all these years.
Servomotors, which range from plane geometry to extended geometry and brush technology to brushless technology, executed with ac or dc technology. Each one of these offers distinctive elements, which gives them their unique and exclusive characteristics.
Moreover we associate this with a culture based on flexibility in all aspects, listening to the client, the highest level of professionalism.
Offering intelligent solutions, all of which allow Mavilor Motors S.A. to respond appropriately to everything that we have been entrusted with, and to satisfy our clients in their need to optimise their industrial automation applications in all types of machines and installations.
The fact that thousands of clients every day use our servomotors confirms their confidence in us.

Since 1979 Mavilor Motors is one of the Infranor Group Companies.


Mavilor - motors
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